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Frame Colour

Select the powder coated colour for the frame of your veranda.

Polycarbonate Roof – 16mm Clear

– Enables optimum light transmission and visibility – Allows more heat in – Good choice for darker, colder, north-facing areas

Polycarbonate Roof – 16mm Opal

– Allows softer light through – Reduces heat build-up – Tinted appearance provides a good level of privacy.

Veranda Original

Elegant anthracite veranda patio cover with an aluminium frame and clear polycarbonate roof, delivered as a prefabricated self-assembly kit.

Veranda Plus

Veranda Plus is a custom self-assembly veranda with a strong aluminium structure and polycarbonate roof.

Veranda Size

Select the width and depth for your veranda. – The number of upright posts depends on the width, and is